About Scope

The managing trustee, Marachi Subburaman, Padmashri awardee founded SCOPE in 1986 for the purpose of promoting safe water and sanitation, women and children development, nutrition, and behavioural change among rural people.

Inspired by the work of Fr. Windy, a Belgian professor, Mr. Subburaman spent ten years (1976-1985) receiving training in rural development, housing, health and sanitation. Mr. Subburaman was profoundly impacted by his own exposure to the rural life. The challenges that rural people encounter in making a living influenced his whole existence.

SCOPE an NGO based in Trichy, established in 1986 concentrates on rural development, empowering the marginalized women in rural areas found out soon that open defecation due to inability to construct toilets was one of the basic problems that prevented their economic development.

From its inception, the primary purpose of SCOPE is people’s participation and involvement.

SCOPE also works with children and youth from marginalized and disadvantaged families of Tamil Nadu for their holistic development, which includes educational, economic and social development through educational sponsorship programme.

Furthermore, sustainable livelihood program for deprived women is one of the key activities of SCOPE.


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