UNICEF’s Ecosan Toilet- A Solution
for the Management
of Human Waste

  • Musiri and Tiruchi have come to be considered as the sanitation capital of Tamil Nadu owing to the adoption and popularization of new models of solid and liquid waste management, as said by Mr.Arun Dhobal, Water and Environmental Specialist, UNICEF, Chennai, at the inauguration of the integrated ecological sanitation (Ecosan) facility at a middle school in Musiri in 2012.
  • Ecosan toilet has been accepted by the Central Government under the Total  Sanitation Campaign (TSC) as a solution, specifically for rocky, hilly, coastal, highwater table and water-scarce areas. UNICEF complimented SCOPE for pioneering the concept and successfully demonstrating the use of urine and human waste compost as a rich nutrient for increasing agricultural productivity. The model was also found helpful in saving water in 2010.
  • National Research Centre for Banana (NRCB) and -SCOPE (Society for Community Organization and Peoples Education) jointly took up a research projectinto the utilization of human urine as liquid fertilizer for banana cultivation, funded by Swedish Environment Institute, Stockholm and UNICEF, New Delhi in 2006.